For the Self-Employed and Side Hustlers:
Make passive income by turning your genius into an online course.

Would you like to learn how we made $300,000 in sales from our online course in less than six months?

We're here to teach you our model, so you can earn money while you sleep.

Let me tell you a story.

I was at the office one day and a co-worker asked me, "So what does your wife do?"

"My wife", I said, "works at home on the couch as a proofreader and earns more money than I do." Then most people always said "Wow! Are you kidding me, I want to do that! I want to get out of this cubicle prison!"

Over the years, Caitlin taught a few of those people -- for free, mind you -- and guess what happened? They never got anywhere with it. They weren’t invested or committed.

Then one day out of the blue, I had the light bulb moment! "Honey, why don't you make an eBook out of your proofreading stuff and sell it to people online? We could make passive income! "Caitlin's response? "That's too much work. No one will buy it. I don't know how to do that."

Excuses, excuses.

After a couple of weekend discussions about it, she finally said, "Okay! I'm gonna do it." Then she worked her butt off and came up with this product: 

Pretty lame looking. We know.

But somehow, we were able to sell 17 of those darn things.

Now? looks totally different. Caitlin upgraded the eBook into a multimedia online course. Our first week of launching the course we earned $4,000 -- more than double our usual monthly pay. Within six months, we'd earned over $300,000 in sales -- we were incredibly happy, and our students were incredibly happy, too.

Before Proofread Anywhere there was no real legitimate way to teach people what she did. Now there is.

We created a step-by-step process to teach people how we launched and grew Proofread Anywhere. It is called the Monetize Your Genius™ program.​

Have you ever wanted to build an online course on your blog? Here's 9 tools you can use right now to build your online course. This girl made over $600,000 in a year selling hers!

We created the Monetize Your Genius™ course and community to help people replicate what we did.

Just Imagine:

Making passive income for the rest of your life and the skills to do it again and again.

Only dealing with the clients you like (or none at all!)

No boss breathing down your neck 8 hours a day -- or more!

Taking a vacation in April. And then another in May...just because you can.

Having as much time as you want with your family.

Running your business from other countries...or just at home if that's your jam.

Be a force for good in the world and change people’s life with a quality product

Exiting the rat race of the 9-to-5 or the client-to-client grind... forever

Inside Monetize Your Genius™, You Will Learn:

The intricate craft of planning and building excellent online courses. Our proven process to build an authoritative online persona

  • Acquiring mover-and-shaker affiliates who promote your products for you
  • Keys to High-Value, High-Quality (HVHQ) product creation
  • Planning checklists for your product/course and website -- so you are never confused about what to do.
  • How to create a Unique Selling Proposition and distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Word Press training boiled down to the basics.
  • No boring Lynda tutorials. There are over 100,000 WordPress plugins to choose from these days --we will show you which ones we use and how to use them most effectively.
  • Copywriting training for engagement and content distribution
  • Proven formulas to structure your sales pages
  • Hybrid Formula for Value-Added Authentic Sales Funnels (Videos directing our own sales funnels we use on our brands)
  • How to price your product so people don’t run away -- and you can make bank.
  • Ins and outs of affiliate networking -- how to find high quality affiliates to work with
  • Why we don’t typically guest post.
  • How to get traffic to your website without relying on affiliates
  • How we manage our 7-figure online course business -- where you should focus your time and energy
  • How to find good VA’s to help you
  • Tax tips to take the headache away

Watch Video to see Course Overview

There is a huge movement happening in the world today. According to Forbes, 50% of the working population will be freelancing by 2020. Do you know how many people that is? Me neither, but it will be even more than the 53,000,000 people already doing it. 

That means there is a huge number of people want to break the corporate bonds and start a freelancing business or a side hustle. They need help!

There are tens of millions of people who need help building profitable freelance businesses. You can show them.

Elon Musk said, "I could either watch it happen or be a part of it."

Let's get one thing straight.

We aren't trying to sell you the idea that "passive income" just happens without any work. There are many marketers in the world these days who will promise you the moon and push hard to sell you a crappy product that "teaches" you to "just do do a little SEO and Adsense" and BOOM! You've got passive income for the rest of your life.

Now it's time to buy the sports car and retire to a tropical beach, right?


It just doesn't work that way. Some people got lucky. But we don't sell lies. We believe in hard work. We like working in our businesses. Some days we work full-time hours. Other days we work half-time. Then there are times when it seems the whole day is work. We fight overwhelm and burnout sometimes.

You will have to work hard to be successful. No doubt about it. But better to be exhausted from your work at the end of the day than to just take it easy and be constantly worried about your financial future right?

"Follow their steps and you will succeed."

I love how Caitlin and Ben can turn things that might look complicated into easy step-by-step processes. They leave out the fluff and give awesome nuggets of action. Follow their steps and you will succeed. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to monetize their knowledge without getting overwhelmed.

- Miguel

We have a confession to make.

We’re not super-branded pros with lifelong track records, 80 different products, a podcast, and a huge staff.

There are "gurus" out there who have been in the internet marketing and online business game a lot longer than us. They are well established and have big brands. Some even have their own software for you to buy to build online courses.

But us? We’re normal people who worked hard and figured this stuff out. We got a little lucky, but we found the harder we worked, the luckier we got.

We figured out you don't need expensive software to build an excellent course. You don't need to be a web designer. You don't need to sell a kidney in order to make it work. So don't buy into that.

Sure -- you can choose the gurus who probably have a longer track record and fancier videos in their content, but we can promise one thing they can't. When you invest in our program, you get us, not paid representatives of a big brand. When you email us, we will answer, not some assistant who speaks bad English and not two weeks later "when they got around to it."

You'll see our faces and hear us in our Mastermind community -- all the time.

We're accessible. And that's why we're different. We're accessible. And that's why we're different.

Have you ever heard of the Evolution of the Business Owner?

It goes like this:

Employee to Freelancer to Entrepreneur to Investor

If you're like most of the self-employed, you have to deal with the client-to-client grind. Making more money simply means getting more clients, and guess what? Clients can be a real pain to deal with, can't they? We know.

Ultimately, you're trading your time for dollars. This puts a clear limit on how much you can make and how free and flexible your life is.

We created this program to launch the freelancer and self-employed into the realm of entrepreneur.

We can take you from the Freelancer step to the Entrepreneur step. The easiest -- and most profitable -- way to do this is using today's technology to package your skills into an online course or product and teach people how to do what you do. That is exactly what we did with Proofread Anywhere.

You may be in that corporate job, stuck in a 9-5 and limited to how much you make and how many vacations you take with your family.

You be someone who's got a side hustle going on. Props to you! Most people don't do anything outside the office to improve themselves or increase their income streams. I remember working in an office where most people around me had very little ambition. Always complaining. Always saying the reason they didn't get the promotion was because someone else knew the boss or whatever.

It's sad.

But that's not you! Now it's time to take that side hustle of yours and scale it. One of our students works a corporate job and his side hustle earns him more money than his actual job!

Wages are flat and will be for a while. People are beginning to realize that putting all your dependence on your employer just isn't a secure option anymore. You need to diversify to survive-- and you can be the one to help them.

The Monetize Your Genius™ program will help you:

  • Take your "Genius" expertise and turn that into a multi-media online course or product of your choosing. Then we help you with website creation and design to secure your online presence. Then we help you create your own tribe of subscribers to launch this product to. After that, we teach you how to scale your business and watch it grow.
  • You may have different goals. You may want to grow an online course business like us so that you can leave your job, or leave freelancing all together. Or perhaps you like your job and just want more passive income. For freelancers, you may want to multiply your income streams so you only have to work with the clients you like. How cool would that be?

"Thanks to Caitlin and Ben’s awesome step-by-step instruction."

The MYG course is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to Caitlin and Ben's awesome step-by-step instruction and super insightful expertise. Where else can you find self-made millionaires who built themselves to that level NOW in today's economic climate -- who created a solid customer base in TODAY's market - AND who are willing to take you through the REAL steps they walked to get there! This program truly taught me so much, especially the section on reaching out to JV affiliates!

Drew Michaels - Founder of

The Course Outline

Module 1:

Planning Your Product

  • Master Program Checklist
  • HVHQ Product Essentials
  • Goal Setting
  • Crafting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Writing Effective Content and Copy
  • Turning Your Wordpress Site into a Business Site
  • Choosing Wordpress Plugins
  • Making an Effective Sales Page

Module 2:

Laying Your Foundation

Module 3:

Building an Authoritative Online Persona

  • Hybrid formula for Value-Added Authentic Sales Funnels
  • Pricing Your Product
  • How to grow a thriving community
  • Starting Conversations that lead to Conversions
  • Networking Essentials Among Affiliates
  • How we Drive Traffic Without Affiliates Too
  • Finding the Best Movers and Shakers

Module 4:

Authentic Affiliate Networking

Module 5:


  • Our Launch Story
  • The MIALS Launch Formula
  • More to Come
  • 9 Tasks You Should Stop Doing Yourself...Eventually
  • Finding, Qualifying, and Paying Your VA
  • Tips on Taxes and Incorporating Your Biz

Module 6:

Scaling Your Business

Bonus Module:


  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Dealing with 9 Uncomfortable Emotions
  • Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs
  • 7 Steps to the Next Version of YOU

The Monetize Your Genius™ program investment: 

This program is designed to take you from A to B depending on where you already are. 

If you're a freelancer or side hustler without a product or course and you have no experience with online business, then you'll be starting at the beginning where you will learn to build your product and website.

OR, you may already have an online course or product, and you want to take that from ho-hum to hallelujah. We have content that helps you market, grow, and scale. In fact, it is the same stuff we use for our own business!

Your investment is:

Pay Monthly

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Training
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


per month for 6 months

Or One Time

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Training
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


one time

This program costs us time and money. We've spent long hours over long days to figure all this stuff out and eventually found the right systems to make this work.

Lots of mistakes.

Lots of wasted time.

Lots of trial and error.

Then we went back and systematized what we did -- leaving all the mistakes and errors out. Now we use these same systems to grow not just our own courses, but other companies and courses we've invested in.

Monetize Your Genius™ may seem pricey, but it's actually not.

Check this out:

“I (Ben) spent five years of my life working in the private education sector for two different independent colleges. The colleges offered bachelor’s degrees in fields from music recording, nursing, business management, and graphic arts. My job was to help these poor folks get government financial aid (Loans) in order to come to school. The typical degree cost $57,500 --and the majority of that ended up as debt!”

Graduate degrees were no better.

I spoke with students everyday who had over $100,000 in debt, some even as high as $135,000.Some actually confessed to me that they kept coming back to school year after year so they wouldn’t have to repay their crippling student loans. I was shocked.

The online education market is over 100 billion dollars. But there are big winners and losers.

Here's the cold facts: There are LOTS of people starting online courses. Technology makes it "easy"these days. But let’s be real. There are a lots of quickly-thrown-together eCourses offering advice by "experts" that totally bomb. Most people who try to get into the game fail, walk away and give up on their dreams.

We’ve been able to generate over $1.7 million in sales from our various courses, the content of which impacted over 2,000 students' lives. This is not to boast but to demonstrate to you that we know what makes a course succeed and what makes it fail.

If you want to start this journey -- especially if this is your first online course -- don’t go it alone.

We had mentors and a community to help us along the way. Without the community, we would have given up. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg didn't create amazing companies alone. They had help and partners along the way.

You've probably heard that you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with? Well, there's a lot of truth to that. Fact is that trying to accomplish a big goal and dream won’t work by just hacking away at it all alone.

Tim Ferriss said, "You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn't making you stronger, they're making you weaker."

Pay Monthly

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Traning
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


per mo for 6 months

Or One Time

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Traning
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


one time


Our course is not the cheapest out there, but it is the most comprehensive, the best value for your dollar, and it will give you more than what you need to establish a thriving online business. We also don't limit your access. Your access is for life!

What if I don’t want to travel like you?

How do I know my product will sell?

How much time will this take?

I am sooo busy and have kids, how can I find the time!?

Didn’t you just get lucky?

Pay Monthly

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Traning
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


per mo for 6 months

Or One Time

Lifetime Membership

Full Access

  •  All Modules and Lessons
  •  Keys to HVHQ Products
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Unique Selling Proposition Traning
  •  Sales Page Training
  • Bonus: Mindset Module


one time